Our History


The Bubble Beginnings

While it may be true that we have become world famous marketing consultants and our services are sought out by small businesses across the planet (you know, the 97% of you out there who have less than 500 employees), the history of the Bubble is a humble history. 

The Early Days 

We launched the Bubble in the guest bedroom in the middle of 2002. It wasn't good for the guests, but it was better for our family than setting up in the living room! In the early days we started helping small businesses with their branding, designed logos and built websites and did quite a lot of video production work. We even produced a full length documentary about Bidwell Park that aired on PBS and Fox. If you don't know Bidwell Park here in Chico, CA then you should add it to your bucket list. It's a local treasure and we are pretty proud of it!

Thankfully for all future guests, we converted part of the garage and moved the office out there, until we outgrew that space in late 2005 and had to start paying rent. Though we were sad about the rent piece, it was nice to be able to bring our clients to the office without them having to trudge through our home and dodge the inevitable attention from our 80lb lab/husky.

The Middle Years

From 2006 - 2008 we started in one suite in our building, then switched places with a neighbor to acquire some more space, then knocked the walls down between the two suites when our neighbor left. (don't worry, there were no threats or violence involved in his departure). We had a great time remodeling the place and were able to do some things that we had wanted to do but didn't have the space. You'll have to come and see our floor to ceiling canvas of Trafalgar Square, London, or take a break and play the drum kit.

During these years we began to acquire a wider range of clients who needed not only a marketing consultant, but a full advertising agency and so we produced television and radio commercials, designed print advertising, negotiated the media buys and took care of our clients. In addition we were building websites as well learning and growing in all things internet marketing. Most of our clients were still in our local area but that was about to change.

The Current Years

In 2009 we expanded our client base to include clients across the United States and England, and had the opportunity to buy radio, television and print in multiple markets for our clients. In addition, we became internet marketing consultants for many clients, helping them redesign their web presence and determine the best course of action for web advertising, search engine optimization and social media opportunities.

Since the remodel in late 2008 we are settled happily into our current office where our team happily divides their time between their individual offices and the "living room" where much work is done in a more comfortable setting. As if it were destiny, we also added a dog back into the mix. Backup, as we call her, is a regular fixture of our office and is loved by all.

Now... back to being world famous marketing consultants!

Okay, maybe there is a slight hint of exaggeration but hey, we are in advertising!

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