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At Half a Bubble Out we have an exceptionally talented team of people with skills in marketing and advertising, graphic design, web design and videography. One of our loves in life is laughter, so we enjoy working together and enjoy working with our clients. We look forward to meeting with you to see how partnering together can benefit your business. 

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Michael Redman | Company Principal

michael-redmanMichael, along with his wife Kathryn, founded Half a Bubble Out in November 2002 and has an intense desire to communicate effectively and deeply with people. Michael is formally educated in Instructional Design, a communications degree that combines educational theory with the use of multimedia to create effective training tools. He has a passion for helping small businesses tell their story.

To escape from cyberspace Michael loves to keep up with physics and his favorite physicist is Richard Feynman.  He also enjoys reading or listening to books on any topic he finds interesting, photography, and coming up with a big idea. If he could have any superpower it would be time travel.


  • Loves tiramisu
  • Admits to being a bad speller
  • Plays the drums

Mantra: "Help Is Not Help Unless It’s Perceived as Help.”

Life Theme Song: "Don’t Stop Believing” - Journey

Kathryn Redman | Company Principal

5D3_7501Kathryn, along with her husband Michael, founded Half a Bubble Out in November 2002 and has the vital skills needed for impeccable customer service. She has a Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies, and a Master of Divinity in New Testament Theology, so of course it makes perfect sense that she owns an Advertising and Marketing firm. She spent nine years selling complex software for the public sector, where she learned her strong project management skills. She is a strong teacher and clear communicator.

To escape from cyberspace Kathryn loves to be alone in a crowd of people, read and journal at her favorite coffee shop, and take a walk through the park. She lets Michael do the cooking, and is happy to do the dishes. If she could have any superpower it would be flying or being invisible.


  • Content Development
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  •  Inbound Marketing


  • Is annoyed by repetitive noises
  • Was born in York, England
  • Favorite bumper sticker says "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!”

Mantra: "There Is Always Hope.” 

Life Theme Song: "Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

Vicky Zancanella | Executive Assistant

vicky-zancanellaVicky joined the Bubble in July of 2012. She has a knack for research, stemming from her 12 years of teaching before venturing into the world of marketing. She grew up in Weed, California where she woke up every morning to a beautiful view of Mount Shasta. She attended College of the Siskiyous before graduating from California State University, Chico with a BA in Liberal Arts and a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. 

To escape from cyberspace Vicky loves outdoor activities, people watching, and reading historical fiction. She is famous for assigning to-do’s and cooks some mean scrambled eggs. If she could have any superpower it would be flying.


  • Research
  • Project Management
  • Multi-Tasking


  • Falls asleep during movies and car rides
  • Can write straight on a whiteboard
  • Hates stepping in gum

Mantra: "Love One Another”

Life Theme Song: "Hopelessly Devoted" and "Solid as a Rock”

Paige Gilbert | Content Management

5D3_7535Paige joined HaBO in June 2011. She loves words, especially writing them. Paige grew up in Chico, California and received a degree in Journalism, Public Relations, from California State University, Chico. She now works remotely from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She has a background in news writing, non-profit marketing/event planning, and loves crossing off her to-do list.

To escape from cyberspace Paige loves to go to the movies, so much so, that her favorite time of year, second only to Christmas is award season. She can also be found shoe shopping, chatting with a friend at her favorite coffee shop, or catching up on everyone’s lives on Facebook. She is famous for talking too fast and would love a personal chef. If she could have any superpower it would be a photographic memory because she’s horrible at remembering names, but never forgets a face.


  • Copy Writing 
  • Editing
  • Blogging
  • Buyer Temperaments


  • Gets annoyed at spelling and grammar errors
  • Cringes when stepping in something wet while wearing socks
  • Keeps peanut M&Ms on hand at all times

Mantra: "Know Who You Are, Know Who You Are Not, And Be Okay With It.” 

Life Theme Song: “Let It Be” – The Beatles

Chris Vande Lune | Paid Ads Management

5D3_7544Chris came to the Bubble team in February 2015. He loves marketing for all types of businesses, from the creative side to the analytical stuff. Chris grew up in the Midwest and received a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH. He has a background in paid search management and is excited to contribute to the team at the Bubble.

To escape from Cyberspace, Chris likes to be outdoors hiking, camping and snowboarding. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and exploring new cities. If he could have any superpower it would be the ability to Teleport.


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO/Content Management
  • Project Management


  • Loves gluten free food
  • Doesn’t enjoy getting rained on
  • Listens to all kinds of music genres

Jeannie Brossoit | Project Management

5D3_7531Jeannie joined the Bubble in April of 2017. She has a love of ideas, art, and design and has degrees in Art Studio and Liberal Studies from California State University Chico. She grew up in Chico and has a background in non-profit administrative support, communications, and graphic design.

When living outside of the virtual world, Jeannie enjoys cooking, personality tests, creating art, reading, watching and analyzing films, shopping the farmer’s market, and having deep conversations with friends. If she could have any superpower it would be telekinesis because it would make furniture-rearranging so much easier.


  • Social Media
  • Project Management


  • Always blows dust out of empty cups before drinking from them
  • Tries to memorize everyone’s Myers Briggs personality type
  • Loves vegetarian cuisine but hates mushrooms

Mantra: “Everyone is a work in progress”

Life Theme Song: "Imagine” by John Lennon

Jenna Redman | Content and Email Marketing Coordinator


Jenna officially joined the Bubble in August of 2017, though she has been working on and off for us since 2012 during summers and school breaks while she was at school. She grew up in Chico, California, but went away for school and got her Business Administration degree from Seattle Pacific University in Washington. If you didn’t make the connection with the last name, she is in fact the daughter of Michael and Kathryn and has made HaBO a true family affair, although she says she doesn’t want to run the family business.

To escape from cyberspace, Jenna loves to read books and either bake a yummy treat or make a DIY project. If you don't find her with her nose stuck in a book she could be at a country concert singing her heart out. She is famous for talking way too much and for being willing to help anyone with any task. If she could have any superpower it would be to control time.


  • Blog Writing
  • Email marketing
  • Master at completing random task assignments


  • Little recurring noises make her go crazy
  • Loves the rain and cold weather
  • Reads around 200 books a year

Mantra: “Communication is key”

Life Theme Song: “People are Crazy" by Billy Currington

Backup | Official Office Greeter

5D3_7615Backup has been at the Bubble since December 2010. She spends her days greeting clients and vendors, receiving FedEx packages, and keeping us all on our toes. She’s a mix of Boxer and German Shepherd, but we’re pretty sure she has some Dingo in her too. She loves to pounce around and visit each of us at our desks. It reminds us of Tigger. If we could give her a superpower, it would be the ability to talk so she could tell us what she was thinking. We’re sure she would have some great blogging ideas.


  • Lounging in the sun
  • Lapping the office at 4 p.m. everyday
  • Howling


  • Is afraid of the drum set (yep, we have drums in our office!)
  • Leaves treats laying around to have later
  • Likes to nibble toes

Mantra: Knick-knack patty-wack give a dog a bone

Life Theme Song: "Who Let the Dogs Out”


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