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What We're About

We Value Trust

We believe trust is the glue that holds relationships together. We understand that two key components of building and keeping trust are Character and Competence (shout out to Stephen Covey Jr. and his book Speed of Trust for this paradigm). Competence is a "no brainer” when it comes to doing business with someone. You expect competence in anyone you hire. We value competence and will work hard to provide you with the high quality of service and results you expect. After all, if a company can perform the tasks you expect of them and perform them at a high level, you continue to do business, if they can’t, you find someone who can.

Character is the piece that makes the relationship long-lasting and enjoyable to be a part of. We place a high value on both, but understand that it is our character that sets us apart from every other high performing marketing firm out there.

We demonstrate our character...

  • in our authenticity, friendliness, kindness, patience, encouragement, truthfulness, and dignity
  • with our ability to listen, honor others, celebrate, problem solve, laugh and have fun
  • by holding ourselves to high standards, learning from failures, and continuing to learn each day

We Value Storytelling

No matter how advanced we become as a society and or mature as human beings, we understand that in our core people love stories! Whether you are 2 or 92, hearing or telling a good story is a memorable experience. Here at the Bubble we love the story telling process; from listening to you tell your story, to asking questions and filling in the details, to translating your story for the world to hear. It’s the age old process of transferring information…from word of mouth, to print, to film and now to electronic form-- we, as a race, use storytelling as the vehicle to share what we are passionate about. And we are passionate about helping you tell your story using which ever vehicle you choose.

We Believe in Straight Talk

We are NOT:

  • Smooth talkers, performers or pitch givers
  • In a hurry or pushy
  • Fluent in Gobbledygook (the language developed by "technical jargon experts”)
  • In the business of making false promises


  • Authentic, real people who genuinely love what we do!
  • Willing to take the necessary time to understand you, your company, and your needs
  • Able and willing to give real world explanations
  • Always striving to give honest, realistic expectations so you can make good decisions for your company

Our Quirks

Since you are still reading, here are a few things that might be a bit quirky:

  • We have an office dog named "Backup"
  • We have a drum set in the office and a set of congas too
  • We "wrap” up the week together every Friday at 4 with munchies and a glass of wine or a really good beer on the office couches
  • We are snobby about our beer and wine choices
  • We celebrate small accomplishments and big deals
  • We are working on each person in our office having their own theme song
  • We love our clients!

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