What's With Our Name?


The Story Behind Our Name

Although we are marketing consultants, the first question everyone asks us is:

"What the heck is Half a Bubble Out?"

The name Half a Bubble Out is a metaphor from the carpenter's level. When something is slightly out of level, the "bubble" becomes "half-out". Here at HaBO this symbolizes two things. The first is represented by the half a bubble that is "out" and means thinking creatively, reminding us to look at our clients and their challenges with fresh perspective and not through the same old grid. The half a bubble that remains "in" represents the need to maintain a strong foundation in the quality and skills of our craft as marketing consultants. This metaphor reminds us to strive towards giving you, the client, the creativity that will help your story stand out from the rest, with the quality of product you expect and deserve. 

Here at Half a Bubble Out we can work with you as your marketing consultant at any level you need in marketing and advertising your business. We want to help you strategize your marketing by helping you to understand your unique story, bring creativity to the way your story is told, then partner with you in the implementation and evaluation of your marketing and advertising. 

Our Mission:

Help you and your business to achieve your potential in a holistic and sustainable way so that you can serve your current customers, build your business with new customers, allow your people to thrive, contribute to your community and achieve profitability.

We do this by:

  • Looking to build trust in our relationship
  • Having fun doing it with you
  • Considering your entire story
  • Helping you live it out!

Our Vision:

  • To see people all over the world discover the joy and dignity of working in a profession that both challenges them and makes them come alive, from the founders of the companies to every person that joins with them and puts their hands to the plow.
  • To see the companies we serve become places of excellence in their craft and how they execute their day to day tasks and strategies of the business.
  • To make available the education, coaching and services businesses need so they can be equipped, inspired and cheered on in a competitive world.

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