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A Place Small Business Leaders can Grow

We really have a heart to see business leaders grow and experience life to the fullest in the context of work and we believe that as they grow it will impact their entire life and those around them. As small business leaders ourselves and people who have to make payroll twice a month we have personal experience with the pains and struggles and fears that business leaders go through.

We believe they can be successful if they are willing to look at themselves and their company to discover where they can grow and experience more Passion and Provision in their daily lives.

The HaBO Village will be the place that allows us to share a holistic approach to growing and strengthening your business that involves, competence, character and the development needed to grow a Passion and Provision company as well as share our journey and the stories of other leaders pursuing more Passion and Provision in their companies also. 

We want to share with you the same trainings and certifications that we use at Half a Bubble Out. Why are we doing this? We want you to have the same tools and know-how so that you can have a successful business that is full of Passion and Provision. 

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