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Our Process

Our core process here at Half a Bubble Out Marketing is broken down into three clear phases – Craft it, Tell it,  and Live it.  

After years of working with different size companies in multiple industries we discovered that every great and successful company does an amazing job in all three of these phases.  Once we saw this we unlocked a powerful way to make awesome marketing that works.

We also discovered that when a company is looking to grow beyond where they currently are, in size or revenue or performance they invariably have a need to go back to one or more of these three core areas to tweak it or rewrite it.

I don’t know if this will surprise you or not but marketing permeates every area of our companies.   The great news is that this means we can use the marketing lens and  the three phases of Craft it, Tell it and Live it to create a plan that can systematically look at your company and uncover those hidden things that are holding you back.

After you discover what’s holding you back you can build a strategy that can accelerate you forward and so you can get more stuff accomplished and hit your goals.  

So what goes into Craft it, Tell it, Live it and how does it make such a big difference? 

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