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Newspaper Ads For Your Business

Here at Half a Bubble Out, we know that newspaper advertising can in some cases be a successful part of your marketing mix.

56% of those who read a newspaper read exclusively in print. Overall, 8 out of 10 newspaper readers will at least sometimes read the print version of a paper.

Printed News has been an industry in decline for a while, yet there are still segments of the population that can be reached best this way, so depending on your business and target market it may make sense.

If newspaper ads are a part of your strategy, then creatively designed and well placed ads will be the key to your success. Whether you are doing black and white or color newspaper ads, your images and text must be clear, concise and visually compelling so they stand out on the page. 

What we offer:

Our services for newspaper ads include:

  • Copywriting for a clear message
  • Photo selection for visual effectiveness
  • Graphic Design
  • Print ready production art files
  • Media buying services
  • Integrated monthly invoicing (everything on one invoice)
  • Contract Negotiation

If you want help in placing newspaper ads, contact us today.

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