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Why blog for your business?

Well targeted business blogging allows your business to show up with answers to the questions your customers are asking. It has become one of the most common ways for businesses to reach their target markets online with relevant and interesting content, and has become essential to internet marketing.

But what exactly does blogging for business really get you?

Here are a few key things:

  • Blogging connects you with your customers – as you create interesting content regularly, it keeps people coming back to your site (your blog pages become part of your site once published) and builds a customer connection.
  • Blogging builds your credibility – by writing well informed blog articles on carefully picked topics, you build your company’s credibility in your field, and that can mean a lot to potential customers. Credibility builds trust, and trust brings more customers.
  • Blogging helps SEO (search engine optimization) – which means more free traffic that is qualified for you. As you write content regularly, it helps search engines such as Google see that you have up to date content and aren’t a site from the past. Being up to date factors into search rankings, so you will have a better chance of showing up when people search.

Here at Half a Bubble Out, we believe that blogging is a key part of a good online marketing strategy.

If you are considering blogging for business, contact us to see how we can help!

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