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So you ask, "Why is Marketing Important?"

In short, marketing is the Attraction, Conversion and Retention of a Customer. Peter Drucker's words, but hey, he was a pretty brilliant guy and we agree with him. Marketing is a key part of telling your story and involves every part of your interaction with your audience. By asking the question, "Why is marketing important?" you have started the journey of understanding what it takes to achieve success in your business.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing involves a clear understanding of your brand and your message to the public. It is more than the simple communication of who you are and what your service or product is. Marketing encompasses everything about your contact with your customer, from the moment they are introduced to your company, to every contact they have with your employees.

As your Marketing Consultant we will work with you to see the bigger picture of marketing and how to market who you are to your prospects, your existing customers and to your employees.

Hire HaBO, Increase Your Profits!

Half a Bubble Out exists to increase your profits by strategically telling your company's story in a compelling way.

Whether you are a start up or a well established company, we will work with you to strategize, create and execute your marketing and advertising. As you continue to ask questions like "Why is marketing important?" we are happy to help anwswer them and guide you to a deeper understanding of this competitive world of business we are in!

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